Our digital media intensive program offer campers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a specific topic and spend their mornings learning about this craft. The camper then has the choice to join us for the afternoon where they’ll be able to choose electives and interact with the rest of our Next Level Campers. (additional cost)


Week 1 Video Production I 
Week 2  Video Production II

Video Production I
Campers will explore the magic of movie making with professional video equipment. They will begin the Pre-production phase learning how to brainstorm concepts, script and storyboard their ideas. Production will continue with casting actors and shooting scenes using lighting, sound, video and studio equipment. Students may choose to produce music videos, commercials, PSAs, news programs or movie trailers. They will work collaboratively and take turns getting experience with various production roles.

Video Production II
Campers will continue to produce their video projects in week two. After they have collected all of their scenes, they will learn editing in the Post-production phase. Using video editing software, students will learn how to edit clips, add music and sound effects, special effects, graphics, even green screen! Students will get feedback throughout the editing process and present their work on the big screen for a premiere and live audience.

Throughout the summer, our amazing digital media staff will offer different electives for our entire Next Level community. From Photography to 3D Printing, our campers get hands on experience with some of the most advanced technology there is.

Photography/Photoshop Basics
Photography students are immersed in the art and craft of still photography, and are introduced to the tools necessary to capture great images and refine them through digital imaging. They will explore photo manipulation tools using Adobe Photoshop and may decide to create 3D stereoscopic images, animated GIFs, design advertisements, movie posters or original packaging. By creating and editing images, campers will learn about layers, filters, color theory and other graphic design techniques. Cameras will be provided.

Coding/Programming/SCRATCH I
Campers will explore coding using Scratch, a popular graphical programming environment developed by MIT. Campers will develop an understanding of programming fundamentals, and apply this knowledge to create their own interactive art, animated stories and/or video games. Along the way, campers will use logic and critical thinking to explore coding concepts found in most other programming languages. No prior experience is necessary.

Coding/Programming/SCRATCH II
Campers will go deeper into coding using Scratch, the popular graphical programming environment developed at MIT. This level will build on the skills covered during SCRATCH I, and campers from the previous session will be able to continue projects they have started. (More advanced Scratch users do not need to take SCRATCH I in order to take SCRATCH II.) Campers may also decide to tackle a new game or animation challenge. They will also be able to connect Scratch to external sensors, motors and robots and command them to perform tasks.

3D Design/Laser Cutting
Using Computer Automated Design (CAD) software, campers will design 3D models, test their prototypes, refine their designs and print objects in plastic filament using 3D printers in order to meet a series of design challenges. They may also choose to design objects with materials such as wood, acrylic or cardboard and cut out or engrave them using a Glowforge laser cutter. At the end of the week, campers will bring home the objects they design.