It doesn’t get much cooler than this! If you’ve ever wanted to DJ an event and create that magic atmosphere that gets everyone having a great time, this is the perfect place to start. Conquer some of the basics like beat matching, song dropping and mixing on high-tech virtual turntables.


Come and learn some foundational skills that form the basis for all types of magic. We can’t reveal all our magician’s secrets about what you’ll learn, but here are a few examples: sleight of hand, basic card tricks and basic illusions.

Martial Arts

Enjoy some martial arts training along with fun and challenging fitness sessions, drills and martial art games. Periods offered to beginners as well as the more advanced students.

Sizzle, BOOM, Pop!!! Science with an attitude.

Have you ever wanted to mix different liquids and powders just to see what happens? Do you want to blow things up? There is chemistry everywhere around you! Come spend some time in the lab and learn how to manipulate the energy of the universe! Boys will even get a chance to make their ice cream or slime


Our ARTS program is for the camper that LOVES everything about the ARTS. Their day can be filled with paint, pencils, and sketchbooks or a dark room, open mic & music. Each week offers a new side of creativity and inspiration. And each day offers students the opportunity to work both independently and with a group as they develop as an artist.

Campers in our drawing & painting program are able to create through composition, design, charcoal, oil pastel, tempera, chalk, pen, and ink. They also develop visual perception skills while exploring natural forms, abstract concepts and still life.

In our drama and dance programs, campers are challenged to think on their feet. They learn the fundamentals of choreography and how to express themselves through characters on the big stage.